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Carpet Bowls

Carpet bowls was specially developed for playing in Village Halls and Community Centres. All bowlers use the same woods, this removes the need for players to purchase equipment themselves, making it a relatively inexpensive sport to take up. The mats are manufactured so they can be rolled up, and stored easily. The woods are smaller then those used in outdoor or full size indoor bowling, this enables players as young as 7 years and adults of any age and wheel chair users to play as the strength required to play is greatly reduced due to the wood size and the distance the woods need to travel. This makes the game fall fully under the category of ‘Sport For All'.


Even though the scale is smaller than full size bowls, there is still a great deal of skill required to play at the highest level.

The game is played at a number of different levels. Social bowling is played in many halls, all around the country, by school children, over 60’s clubs, village clubs, sports centres and many other situations. All county associations run their own competitive leagues, with other organisations contributing other affiliated competitions.


Paston and Gunthorpe Community Centre runs Carpet Bowls sessions on the following days:


Monday evening 7.15pm to 9.30pm. Cost to play is £1.50 per evening including tea and Biscuits.

Wednesday afternoon 2.45pm to 4.45pm. Cost to play is £1.50 per afternoon including tea and Biscuits.


Monday evening is for both the casual bowler who just wants a fun evening as well as the more serious bowlers who may want to get involved in playing league bowls in the North Cambs Indoor Carpet Bowls League.

Paston & Gunthorpe are one of the Cambridgeshire’s top teams with a number of its current players winning local, county and national titles. Expert coaching is available for all levels of ability if required.


Wednesday afternoon carpet bowls is a fun afternoon of bowling in a friendly atmosphere with a variation of bowling abilities. All ages and abilities are welcome.



Ring Graham Pearson on 01733 572536 for more information, or come along to a session.

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